GMDPET01        Characteristics of Power Devices.

GMDPET02        UJT Relaxation Oscillator circuit

GMDPET03        SCR DC Voltage and Current Commutated Trainer

GMDPET04        SCR Phase Control Trainer

GMDPET05        TRIAC Phase Control Trainer

GMDPET06        SCR Half and Fully Controlled Bridge Converter trainer

GMDPET07        SCR Three phase AC Regulator trainer

GMDPET08        Speed Control of DC shunt motor using Three Phase Fully Controlled Converter

GMDPET09        Cyclo Converter trainer

GMDPET10        Series Resonant Inverter trainer.

GMDPET11        Parallel Resonant Inverter trainer

GMDPET12        Single Phase PWM Inverter trainer

GMDPET13        SCR based Chopper circuit trainer

GMDPET14        Half and full bridge rectifier trainer

GMDPET15        DC -DC resonant converter trainer

GMDPET16        IGBT based chopper trainer

GMDPET17        MOSFET based chopper trainer

GMDPET18        MOSFET based step down and step up chopper trainer

GMDPET19        Three Phase PWM Inverter trainer with lamp load

GMDPET20        Three Phase PWM Inverter trainer with motor load

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