GMDNET01        Thevenins & Nortons theorems

GMDNET02        Reciprocity Theorem

GMDNET03        Super Position Theorems

GMDNET04        Maximum Power Trasfer Theorem

GMDNET05        Kirchoffs Laws

GMDNET06        Ohms Law

GMDNET07        Series & parallel Resonance

GMDNET08        Study of LC Filters(LPF,BPF& BSF)

GMDNET09        Study of Constant K Type Filters(LPF & HPF)

>GMDNET10        Study of Constant K Type Filters(LPF & HPF)

GMDNET11        Study of M-Derived Filters(LPF, HPF,BPF & BSF)

GMDNET12        Study of M-Derived Filters(LPF& HPF)

GMDNET13        Study of Composite Low pass Filter

GMDNET14        Study of Composite High pass Filter

GMDNET15        Study of Composite Band pass Filter

GMDNET16        Study of Composite Band stop Filter

GMDNET17        Study of Composite Low pass & High pass Filter

GMDNET18        Study of Composite Band pass & Band Stop Filter

GMDNET19        Study of Active Filters LPF,HPF,BPF,BSF

GMDNET20        Study of Phase Splitter

GMDNET21        Phase Difference in L.C.R Circuit

GMDNET22        Transient Response of an RLC Circuit

GMDNET23        Study of Phase Differnce Between Voltage Across & Current Through C & L

GMDNET24        Linear Wave Shaping (LR & Clampers)

GMDNET25        Non Linear Wave Shaping Circuits(Clippers & Clampers)

GMDNET26        Two Port Networks Parameters

GMDNET27        T & (pi) Attenuators

GMDNET28        Twin-T Network Characteristics

GMDNET29        Measurement of Image Impedence & Characteristics of Network

GMDNET30        Star-Delta Transformation

GMDNET31        Study of Charging & Discharging of Network

GMDNET32        Loop & Nodel Analysis

GMDNET33        Study of Millers Theorem

GMDNET34        B-H Curve & Hysteresis

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