GMDMIT01        Torque Measurement Tutor

GMDMIT02        Linear dispalacement measurement using Capacitive Transducer

GMDMIT03        Angular displacement measurement using Capacitive Transducer

GMDMIT04        Temperature Measurement Tutor (Using Thermocouple, RTD, Thermistor sensor)
                                    (IC temperature sensor AD 590)

GMDMIT05        Load Measuement Tutor

GMDMIT06        Strain Measurement tutor using strain cantilever beam

GMDMIT07        LVDT Displacement trainer

GMDMIT08        Vibration Measurement Tutor using Vibration pickup

GMDMIT09        Displacement Vs voltage characteristics of a potentiometer transducer (LVRT)

GMDMIT10        Photo electric tachometer trainer

GMDMIT11        Hall effect transducer trainer

GMDMIT12        Step response characteristics of filled in system thermometer

GMDMIT13        Step response characristics of Thermocouple Sensor

GMDMIT14        To Study The Charateristics Of Flapper Nozzle Amplifier And The Propotional Control Arrangement

GMDMIT15        I/P & P/I Converter Trainer System Pressure To Current Converter

GMDMIT16        Pressure Measurement Trainer

GMDMIT17        Dead Weight Tester

GMDMIT18        Discharge Co-Efficient Of Orifice Plate

GMDMIT19        Discharge Co-Efficient Of Venturimeter

GMDMIT20        Vacuum Pressure Measurement

GMDMIT21        Level Measurement Using Dp Transmitter

GMDMIT22        Single Beam Uv-Vis Spectrophotometer Sl 159

GMDMIT23        Nir Spectrophotometer Sl 153

GMDMIT24        Conductivity Meter

GMDMIT25        Ph Measurement

GMDMIT26        Viscosity Measurement

GMDMIT27        U-Tube Manometer

GMDMIT28        Saybolt Viscometer

GMDMIT29        Redwood Viscometer

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