GMDDET01        Digital I.C Trainer

GMDDET02        Digital Ic Trainer Flip Flops

GMDDET03        Digital Ic Trainer - Gates

GMDDET04        Digital Ic Trainer-Bases

GMDDET05        Digital Ic Trainer-Zif Sockets

GMDDET06        Basic Logic Gates Using Ttl Logic

GMDDET07        Programmable Ex-Or And Ex-Nor Gates

GMDDET08        Verification Of De Morgans Theorems

GMDDET09        Half & Full Adder & Subtractor

GMDDET10        4 Bit Binary Full Adder & Subtractor

GMDDET11        Transistor As A Switch

GMDDET12        Rs, D, T, & Jk Flip-Flops

GMDDET13        Master Slave Jk Flip-Flop Using Gates

GMDDET14        Jk Flip Flops

GMDDET15        Shift Registers Siso, Sipo, Piso, Pipo

GMDDET16        Shift Registers Sipo, Universal

GMDDET17        Universal Shift Registers (74194)

GMDDET18        Universal Shift Register (74 96, 74 195/196)

GMDDET19        Tristate Buffer & Bussing Techniques

GMDDET20        Data Transfer In Bus Connected Registers

GMDDET21        4 Bit L/R Shift Register Using 7495

GMDDET22        4-Bit Synchronous Binary Counter

GMDDET23        4-Bit Binary Ripple Counter

GMDDET24        Modulo-N-Counter

GMDDET25        4-Bit Decade Counter

GMDDET26        Decade Frequency Scaler

GMDDET27        4-Bit Up/Down Counter (Single Clock)

GMDDET28        4-Bit Up/Down Counter (Separate Clocks)

GMDDET29        8-Bit Up / Down Counter (Ripple Clock)

GMDDET30        4-Bit Ring Counter

GMDDET31        3 Digit Decade Counter

GMDDET32        Ttl-Cmos-Ttl Interface

GMDDET33        4-Bit Magnitude Comparator

GMDDET34        4-Bit X 4-Bit Binary Multiplier

GMDDET35        4-Bit Arithmatic Logic Unit

GMDDET36        Read Only Memory (Rom)

GMDDET37        Random Access Memory (Ram)

GMDDET38        8 Bit Even/Odd Parity Generator

GMDDET39        Decimal To Bcd Encoder

GMDDET40        Bcd To Hex Decoder

GMDDET41        Decimal To Binary Encoder

GMDDET42        Binary To Decimal Decoder

GMDDET43        Bcd To 7-Segment Decoder

GMDDET44        4 Bit Binary To Gray & Gray To Binary Converter

GMDDET45        8-Line To 1-Line Multiplexer & Demultiplexer

GMDDET46        16-Line To 1-Line Multiplexer & Demultiplexer

GMDDET47        8-Bit Analog To Digital Converters (2 Methods)

GMDDET48        8-Bit Adc (Successive Approximation Method)

GMDDET49        8-Bit Adc (Counter Comparator Method)

GMDDET50        4-Bit Adc (Counter Comparator Method)

GMDDET51        8-Bit Digital To Analog Converters (2 Methods) r

GMDDET52        8-Bit Dac (R-2r Network Method)

GMDDET53        4 Bit Dac (R-2r Network Method)

GMDDET54        8-Bit Dac (Binary Weighted Network Method)

GMDDET55        4 Bit Dac (Binary Weighted Network Method)

GMDDET56        Binary To Decimal Converter

GMDDET57        Decimal To Binary Converter

GMDDET58        Bcd To Decimal Code Converter

GMDDET59        Decimal To Bcd Code Converter

GMDDET60        Bcd To Binary Code Converter

GMDDET61        Binary To Bcd Code Converter

GMDDET62        Bcd To Excess 3 Code Converter

GMDDET63        Excess 3 To Bcd Code Converter

GMDDET64        Binary To Gray Code Converter

GMDDET65        Gray To Binary Code Converter

GMDDET66        Decimal To Bcd Encoder

GMDDET67        Bcd To Decimal Decoder

GMDDET68        Octal To Binary Encoder

GMDDET69        Binary To Octal Decoder

GMDDET70        Hexadecimal To Binary Encoder

GMDDET71        Binary To Hexadecimal Decoder

GMDDET72        Decimal To Excess 3 Encoder

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